Explore the Kairisia

The land of Kairisia is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. More than 20 different Regions hide their secrets from curious travelers and rampaging beasts. Only the most dedicated Summoners and followers of the Goddes who have proven their worth have a chance to unlock some of those secrets, some but not all. Are you one of them?

Build Up your team!

Leading Phantoms is not an easy task. Every Summoner, sooner or later, will learn how to summon even the mightiest Phantoms, but only a few will know how to combine them so they can exceed their potential. This knowledge will be the difference between life and death and there is only one way to make sure that your team is up to the task – improve Every Phantom and become their best friend.

Assemble Legendary Armor!

Every True Summoner will not run from the battle and they will lead their teams with their own example. To survive endless dangers, a Summoner needs to be properly equipped and the only place where iconic gear can be found are Epic Dungeons defended by the oldest and nastiest Villains in Kairisia. Will you be the Summoner who assembled Legendary Armors from Fairy Tales to help him against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

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