By gamers for gamers

Growing up, none of us thought we could play games for the rest of our lives. We just wanted to enjoy while it lasted. However, with the possibilities of the modern world, a group of similar people got together and formed a union, BMG team, to work for the community and in the gaming industry.

That was some time ago and we are dedicated to providing the best possible content, particularly for mobile gaming, but for gaming and multimedia in general. We focus on the areas and games we mostly understand and know ourselves, but we flirt with everything else. “By gamers for gamers” as they say.

But, somewhere along the way, as we got more and more involved in the industry, an idea sprung up. Why not support a project of our own? That’s how Mito Games came to be, with the idea of promoting a game of our choosing to the world.

So, BMG team and Mito Games are proud to present our first publishing effort to the world – Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire mobile game. It is a project built on our experience, primarily from our members as we are gamers since dippers, but, also from our vast experience on the market and in the industry.

We are hoping we did things right and we will continue with everything we got going so far, working with and for the community on providing both the best possible content and games, for mobile and other gaming markets.

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Los angeles HQ

424 S Ardmore Ave # 100, Los Angeles, CA 90020


Karadjordjeva 135, 14000, Valjevo, Serbia