Hell Hades

Hell Hades

I have never played a gacha style game that has such good ties to wanting people to play together. The game is so cool from the community’s point of view. It’s a lot of fun without the need to spend too much time playing.

Chofly Elite

Summoners Glory has the potential to be a very solid game! I do believe devs are super dedicated to listening feedbacks and this is a chance to get in on the ground level of a new game that I think has the potential to be very good!

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SG is a hybrid between MMO and hero collector, which is very interesting. One of the things that are cool about this game is a really big community aspect of it. The game encourages you to do stuff with other players. I recommend downloading it.

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Raid will have some serious competition. SG has so many good features, I wish Raid takes notes because the game is amazing. It is a lot of fun, a lot of co-operation, it does require friends to play with, it’s super interactive. The prices and value of stuff are great!

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You can group up, it makes things amazing! I’m telling you guys, you are gonna enjoy this game! Developers take things very seriously and listen to our feedback.

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Summoners Glory looks like Raid’s new competitor right off the bat. It feels more like an MMORPG combined with the best Gacha elements, and that is very refreshing!

Ivy Lee Gaming

Summoners Glory looks cool and it is a free-to-play friendly game. Playing in a group with other players is very exciting. The game is really, really fun and I am addicted!

Scion Storm

Summoners Glory combines some MMO elements with a turn-based RPG which I totally love. It is a lit game!