Grandpa Wills Shop – Lets’ upgrade some gear!

Summoners Glory Eternal Fire Blacksmith guide

Hello Phantom Masters!

Before going on a journey to pick some flowers or kill the end boss, we need to take a good look at the mirror aka character screen. As usual, stats are lower than any summoner would like so let’s take a look at what we can do about it.

Open up the menu screen and tap on Blacksmith. The game will take you straight to the Grandpa Wills.

Summoners Glory blacksmith 1

As you can see, in Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire, there are several options for upgrading the gear.

  • Upgrade
  • Reforge
  • Melt-down

Upgrade Equipment

To upgrade the gear to the next level, choose Upgrade Equipment. In the Boost screen, on the right side, you will see all gear you have in your bags and the ones you have equipped at the moment. Pick the piece of gear and let’s give it a try!

To boost any piece of equipment to the next level you will need Boost Stones, Smelting Parts, and some gold. Depending on the quality of gear you will need different quality stones. While you advance in levels, the number of materials required will rise.

If you look at the lower-left corner of the boosting screen, next to the Boost button, you will see your success rate for the next level. Leveling up any from zero to the first level your chances are 100% and with every new level the chance decrease. The higher you go the tougher it will be.

Summoners Glory blacksmith 1
Summoners Glory blacksmith 1

reforge Equipment

You already know that every piece of equipment has different stats and skills. Don’t get discouraged or disappointed when you get a new shiny armor or weapon and find that it has wrong text written all over it. Run to the Grandpa Wills shop and pick the second option.

The reforge screen is similar to the Boost one. On the left side, you will see all the gear you possess and when you pick the part you are not happy with, it will pop up in the reforge slot.

An important thing to know is the “lock slot” option. If your weapon has 2 great stats and you want to change the third one only, lock the ones you like and refine the bad slot.

Always remember to lock the slots you want to keep, reforging is not reversible. Once you tap reforge, it’s done.

For reforging you will need Smelting Parts and Reforging Stones.

Summoners Glory blacksmith 1
Summoners Glory blacksmith 1
Summoners Glory blacksmith 1
Summoners Glory blacksmith 1

Melt down equipment

Everyone who played MMOs knows what pain is managing bag space. Well, don’t worry about that. Run to the Grandpa Wills and smelt down all trash you have lying down in your bags.

Open up the screen, pick all pieces of equipment from the bags on the right side and smelt them. You will receive Smelting Parts and you will need lots of those for gear upgrades.

Summoners Glory blacksmith 1
Summoners Glory blacksmith